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A: Anyone that has a following is influencing their network, though to be seen by brands as an influencer, there are 3 main levels:

  1. Nano Influencers with at least 1,000 followers
  2. Micro-influencers typically with 10,000-50,000 followers
  3. Macro Influencer typically >1 Million followers

A: As an influencer, you could wait around for a brand to approach you or message them through a DM; however, tools and specialized talent agencies exist that help connect you with the correct contacts for a higher success rate when reaching out to brands.  By securing brand deals, you can get paid from your promoted social media posts/mentions.

If you want more specific content, join FamePick with a Personal or Business Plan to enjoy our Creator Resources (coming soon)!

A: Creators are our priority. FamePick will help you grow your creator business by saving you time, connecting you with the correct contacts, and simplifying the deals process.

Our key tools are:

  1. Smart Leads: our platform will show brand leads to you, based on your audience insights data.
  2. Live Media Kit: our platform will update your Media Kit with your follower statistics.  Additionally, you can customize the Live Media URL for your media kit.
  3. Offers Management: once a brand sends you an offer or accepts your pitch, our platform will help you communicate with the brand to finalize the deals.

A: You will be in good company if you choose to join FamePick’s influencer network. 

Our influencer network has a very wide range talent: reality TV stars, Netflix Original actors, YouTubers, hip hop artists, comedians, well-known beauty influencers, professional models, photographers, gamers, influencers from TikTok with highly engaged audiences, plus so much more.

A: Since we are a creator first platform, we have all levels of support, including a FREE account for talent, as well as some options to upgrade.


For information on our current offerings for creators, please visit our Pricing Page


A: We accept influencers of all sizes: Nano, Micro, and 1M plus Influencers.

While we accept Nano Influencers starting with 1,000 followers, based on successful brand deals, we’ve found our network looks for influencers with 5,000 or more followers.

For consumer privacy reasons, if you create an account and have fewer than 1,000 active followers, you will be added to our waitlist until your follower count has increased.

A: Brands typically respond within 2 weeks of a collaboration pitch being sent – however, oftentimes brands will take longer due to budget allocations, an already busy content calendar, brand campaigns, and more. 

A: Our free plan allows users to send 1 pitch within the lifetime of their account.  On our Basic Plan, content creators are able to send 3 pitches per month — and 15 per month on our Premium Plan.

For additional exposure, we recommend that you ad the link to your media kit within your social media profiles, email signatures, blog posts, and your other creator accounts.


A: The majority of our creators share their media kits via their link on their Instagram and Youtube profile along with sharing a link directly with brands via DM. You can also send it via email or include it in your email signature for easy access.

A: No. FamePick will NOT post anything to your Facebook account. This is a developer option on the Facebook side and it helps us to pull in the right data and insights for connecting your account to FamePick. You have our promise to never post anything to your account (we leave the creating to the creators).

A: Go to the “Account Settings” tab in the upper right corner and then select “Social Accounts”. You can remove the incorrect account there. Please email [email protected] with the correct account, and we’ll update it for you after verifying your identity.

A: Absolutely! You can currenly add Instagram and TikTok accounts. YouTube and Twitter will be available by the end of September. To add your accounts, email [email protected] with your username for each platform you’d like to add to your Media Kit. Once you receive a confirmation email, you can confirm that the correct accounts were integrated by going to “Account Settings”.

A: Your audience stats will be updated on a monthly basis.

A: For privacy reasons, if you have fewer than 1,000 engaged users we might not have enough data points to fulfill the media kit.

If you have more than 1,000 users, please make sure that your account is public.

If data is still not populating, please email us at [email protected]

A: If you notice a major disconnect between the stats shown on your Media Kit and the stats of your social accounts, please email [email protected] However, if you are noticing a delay in updates, please keep in mind that audience stats are updated each month.

A: You will only be able to edit your Media Kit Link once; upon publishing your Media Kit, you may go back in to edit your photos, highlights, and bio; but the Media Kit Link you choose is permanent.

A: Yes, you can add them to your Media Kit Bio; however, for now they will not be hyperlinked. The ability to hyperlink your external sites will be available soon!

A: You’re currently able to select a “hero” profile image. Everything else is auto-populated from your Instagram account. The ability to edit and add content is coming soon.

A: Yes. You can share this link and it will always direct to your personal media kit. We recommend putting the link in your Instagram Bio or in your email signature so brands can easily view your kit and engage with you.

A: We’re rolling the product out in phases and anticipate launching the fully functional product in Q4 2019.

A: Acceptable image formats are .jpg & .png, with minimum image dimensions being 550 x 770 pixels. No editing required before uploading; our software will remove the background for you.

A: We calculate estimated total reach per social account by using a combination of your posts in the last 30 days multiplied by your average post engagement.

A: We calculate engagement by average post engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc) divided by your number of followers.

A: You can update and edit this according to the things you’d like to highlight. We recommend keeping it high-level such as: Career Highlights, Awards, Milestones.