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Helping creators

connect with the best brands

In today’s influencer industry, connecting + working with brands is
difficult. We are here to help creators change the game!

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Tools Built for Creators

Live Media Kit

You’ll never have to hire a designer or worry about your data presentation ever again.

Smart Leads

Our industry first lead generation tool that matches brands based on your audience data automatically and allows you to contact them.

Offer Management

We’ve got the tools to collect, manage and evaluate your brand deals much more efficiently than ever before.

Media Kit

Never update your media kit again

We know that good presentation means good business.

We help creators succeed with easy to use tools designed to uplevel your business game. Digital assets, data and a custom URL that represent your personal brand, present a cohesive pitching package, and it looks fantastic.

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Solutions to grow your business

We provide business tools, data and community for savvy creators looking to partner with the right brands and build their personal brand. The FamePick team has deep experience working with brands, agencies and creators of all levels and we’ve created a suite of products that not only meet your unique business needs, but help you up-level your game.

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FP Insights

Leverage our extensive branded content insights to help identify and pitch the right brands for partnerships. We know who’s spending money and who they’re working with. You should too.

Campaign Management

Coming Soon – full service project management tools for keeping your deals in order.

Brand Offer Assessment

Our proprietary brand assessment tool will do your research on a brand for you. We aggregate everything you need to know to assess whether it’s a good fit for you (or if it’s another Fyre Festival).


Content by creators, for creators with REAL insights. Want to know how much your fellow creators make? What mistakes they made in their career? We’re asking and they’re telling.

Looking to secure more brand deals?

Our team of experts can help you find brands that match your audience.

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